We help couples that are trying to conceive and identify road blocks that can impair succesful fertility. It doesnt have to cost $$ for you to get tested.

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Infertility, defined as failure to achieve pregnancy within 12 months of unprotected intercourse. in women younger than 35 years or within 6 months in women older than 35 years,

It can affects up to 15% of couples.

Essential components of an initial workup include a review of the medical history, physical examination, and additional tests as needed. 

For the female partner, tests will focus on ovarian reserve, ovulatory function, and structural abnormalities. Imaging of the reproductive organs provides valuable information on conditions that affect fertility. Imaging modalities can detect tubal patency and pelvic pathology and assess ovarian reserve.

Male factor is a cause of infertility in 40–50% of couples. We assess semen quality and function. 

Using multiple low cost testing strategies, we identify ways to help improve your chances for conception. 


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